The National Agency for Information Society, at the COD hall of the headquarters of the Prime Minister, held the event with the topic "Startup - Innovation - Future".

The meeting was announced that by the end of June, "Innovation Hub" will come with a completely new function and environment, where it will be an environment that will encourage all young people and young people in the ICT sector.

It was mainly discussed about the needs of start-ups in Albania, the design of an efficient plan for the activity and usability of the center, as well as the legal initiatives that are being designed to make the Albanian startups safer and more stable inside and outside the country. "The best innovative leads will be promoted to large companies, some of which are our partners, such as" Cisco, "" Microsoft, "" Oracle, "" SAP, "etc.

Speaking of e-Albanian as one of the most important innovation projects at the national and regional level, the NAIS leader mentioned that thanks to the Government Interoperability Platform, 48 state electronic systems will be regulated and functioning towards the final product, e-Albania , the portal of all Albanians.

The event was attended by the Union of Producers, the Secretary General, Arben Shkodra, from the National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, Vilma Tomço, director of Innovation Hub, Ada Ilia, representatives of successful companies, such as "Microsoft", representatives of consolidated start-ups in the market and those expected to have an impact in the future.

In her speech Mrs. Tomço talked about the importance of online security, personal data security, company data security, and awareness raising to provide email, document equipment and digital skills for all users by adding courses to schools . As Mr. Shkodra suggested that the drafting of the relevant legislation has already begun, citing that in many respects drafting teams of the legal initiative have referred to the most developed European countries.

At the end of the event, the participants gave ideas and proposals for the new mission that should have "Innovation Hub", its efficient coherent function, continuous support from state institutions etc.